Nadine’s lifelong devotion to her violin brings the brightest moments to her life. Since early childhood Nadine acquired an intimate appreciation of the instrument’s magical power to express and share feelings reflecting all aspects of the human life experience. In her frequent international solo performances she has used her violin to connect with different audiences through her creative interpretations of the emotional thread and power in music.

Hailing from Belarus, Nadine has been performing and touring extensively as a solo violinist for the past 15 years. She had already started touring with orchestras throughout Europe from the age of fourteen.

Having graduated from Belarus Minsk Conservatory as a solo violinist, an orchestral violinist and an instrumental teacher, Nadine joined the Minsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and was often a guest violinist in Minsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, touring to Spain, France, England, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany and Norway.

She has also performed at international festivals in Europe such as the international Lyon Festival in France, the Fête de la Musique. Performing in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region, Nadine still discovers numerous ways in which music overcomes language and cultural barriers to connect people.

Solo Performances

  • J.S Bach Violin Concerto in A minor
  • Beethoven Violin Concerto in D major
  • Haydn Violin Concerto in C major
  • Mozart Violin Concerto No 3 in G major
  • Mozart Violin Concerto No 5 in A major


Nadine performances are distinctive in special sound, which is deep and warm bringing out the beauty of the melody.  Her international playing experience allows her to share the deepest emotions that the violin can convey beguiling listeners to fall in love with the instrument in spite of nationality or culture. Nadine still discovers performance opportunities, meets amazing musicians and absorbs the flavour of the national musical culture in the UAE.


Nadine has always been a part of other music groups, be it an orchestra, a trio or different instrumental combinations. As well as being a soloist and composer, Nadine is also founder and collaborator for music projects that bring different art forms together in an expressive way.

  • Gaga Strings – Founder, Composer and Musician
  • Abu Dhabi National Symphony Orchestra – NSO Concert Series – Violinist
  • Dubai Singers Orchestra – Lead Violinist
  • Fantasia Trio – Voice, Violin and Piano