Hailing from Belarus, Nadine Bargout has been performing and touring from a young age. She began her musical education at age 4 playing accordion and singing. Picking up violin at age 7 determined her  destiny  as  a violinist.

Nadine was touring  throughout  Europe as  a  part  of  orchestras  and  a solo performer since she was 14 years old. She studied in the Belarusian Music College for young talents   under  the  Academy  of  Music. Nadine progressed  to  become the concertmaster  of  Chamber Orchestra under  the  baton  of   Vladimir Perlin, who  is  a  world  renowned  cello  teacher,  conductor and  mentor. Playing  in  this orchestra  and touring abroad  gave Nadine an opportunity to perform extensively and  grow  her  artistic  stamina  with the mentoring of Maestro Perlin.

After   graduating   from   Belarus Minsk Conservatory   as  a  solo   violinist,  orchestra   violinist   and        an instrumental teacher, Nadine joined Minsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and often was a guest violinist in Minsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. Touring to Spain, France , England, Poland, Cyprus , Belgium , Turkey, Germany and Norway was a frequent part of Nadine’s professional itinerary.

Moving to Dubai in 2006 broadened Nadine’s opportunities to meet many talented musicians from all over the world and participate in exciting projects including her own. She has performed with many well-known visiting artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Jacksons 5, Pink Martini, Michael Buble and Steve Vai.

Nadine performed in the NSO Symphony orchestra under the baton of Andrew Berryman since its inception and eventually became the concertmaster of the NSO in 2016. Her most memorable moments with the NSO are performing her favorite Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto at Emirates Palace and leading the orchestra accompanying Bocelli in Saudi Arabia’s “Winter at Tantora” festival.

Mostly performing with the NSO and in the New York University in Abu Dhabi Concert series, Nadine also had her own projects and was the founder of “Classy Pearls”  and “Nella Fantasia” trios, that she arranged many classical pieces for. Nadine traveled to UK to perform with Bolton Symphony Orchestra as a Guest Concertmaster and soloist for “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi.

Beside her career as being a soloist Nadine was a dedicated violin teacher for GEMS, a leading educational institution in UAE. She provided master classes to Aspiring Young violinists and also participated in judging local competitions. Click for Nadine’s interview for Educational Magazine.

Recently taking residence in Canada, her career is in transition phase again 🙂 However, she continues to be active online with her international students and providing coaching and masterclasses. Click for Nadine’s Violin Academy reference. Click here for Nadine’s first Canadian little project. Stay tuned!